Sunday, August 30, 2009
new blog!

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Monday, August 03, 2009

- artful of so much thoughts -

I never thought the saying was true,
but the first might indeed be the hardest
i do think of myself hatefully at times
and wish it was not so difficult.

Till then, ive no mood to write anymore.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

- Afterbreath -

Dont mean to sound cynical, but exactly what message is he trying to show us it these times of recession by attending an award ceremony where he doesnt understand anything that is coming out from anybody's mouth?

I dont know you, but i vote democracy. Meritocracy is overrated.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

- eye to eye -

If it takes every twelve hours for the hands of a clock to meet
then which is the one at fault
is it the one moving too fast
or the other moving too slow

if it takes every twelve hours for the hands of a clock to meet
then within that minute will everything be fine
because time is precious and will not repeat
every conversation within each will stick

if it takes every twelve hours for the hands of a clock to meet
then are they really running away
after all problems will only resurface
seven-hundred and twenty minutes too late

if it takes every twelve hours for the hands of a clock to meet
then why do they still try
because moving on will only tell
if they will ever see eye to eye

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

- Happy Chinese New Year -

My mommy was a very happy woman today, because she didnt have to go to the wet market alone at 430am in the morning. She was armed with her small purse loaded with cash; i was there with the ipod and story book. I always told her she was crazy; why go to the butcher so early in the day?
And then it happened. There were already several cuts of meat that were completely sold out by 5am. Im beginning to think its safer to just rear a real pig to prepare for future Chinese New Year.
As i sat in the pavillion (to watch over all the groceries my mom bought) and read my book, i took a total of 5 glances at my surroundings when resting my eyes. The first was evident as a self reflection that i was still feeling crazy about being there in the first place. The second was seeing women who made a deal with each other by taking turns to rush off from the pavillion to buy their groceries while the other watched over their achievements with joy. The third glance saw a mother scolding her son for walking so slowly, evidently already angry about the fact that she was already facing the impending doom of not being able to mark off even half of her grocery list. The fourth saw the wet market completely crowded by the time it was 7am, and some butchers actually starting to pack up. The last glance was the best, with momma coming back from her fifth trip to announce to the kingdom that she was victorious and ready to go home.
My brothers were smarter than me though. They got into the festive spirit by baking the stuff they liked to eat. The elder one took on pineapple tarts, while the younger one baked cookies (which i must admit tastes like those from famous amos). Seeing that no one in hell eats western food during chinese new year, i had no excuse but to help my mother in the kitchen for another 3 hours peeling and chopping her ingredients.

This new year's eve will be spent:
1) keeping awake as the only chinese tradition i very willingly follow
2) calling gracie as the only tradition i keep with my primary school friend
3) Doing my 4000 word report that i have not started as yet (the ever constant tradition and pain for business students)

Happy New Year All :)

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22, thinkin bout e big 24
Got license liao!
Hoping for first class honours

Boon Kian